Build your own audio valve amplifiers

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History of the thermionic valve (1)
Operation of the electron tube (39)
Hi-Fi circuits
Wiring tube circuits (69)
CD/line amplifier (71)
Hi-fi preamplifier (95)
General-purpose line amplifier (109)
Pick-up/line amplifier with SRPP output (115)
Hi-fi output amplifier with 2xEL34 (121)
Class A stereo output amplifier with 2xKT88 (125)
Miscellaneous output amplifiers (141)
Stereo output amplifier with 2A3 (141)
Single-ended output stage with 6L6GC as triode (145)
Output amplifier with EL34 as triode (147)
Output amplifier with direct-coupled 6V6GT (150)
Push-pull output amplifier with 2x6V6GT (152)
Push-pull output amplifier with 2xEL84 (154)
Push-pull stereo amplifier with 4xECL82 (156)
Push-pull output amplifier with 2xEL34 (159)
Push-pull output amplifier with 2x6L6GC (161)
Amplifiers for musical instruments
General (165)
Guitar/keyboard amplifier (171)
Guitar amplifier with transistor input (175)
Power supplies
General (193)
Voltage regulation with valves (199)
Heater-voltage supplies (213)
Appendix A: SRPP amplifier for CD players (219)
Appendix B: Track layouts of PCBs (225)

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